Sleeping Partners


Brother and sister team, Salvo Stoch and Juditha Sakinofsky have worked in parallel fields for 20 years before finally coming together to launch Found Object.

Their shared love of beautifully designed products, combined with a wanderlust that has them traveling the world, has brought together several collections of exquisite pieces full of history and soul. Uzbeki Suzanis have been refashioned into exquisite ottomans, pillows and textiles. Ornamental Jewelry has been updated into a chic addition for your collection. Luxurious handwoven Scarves bring intricate stitching together with old world patterns. Richly dyed Ikats are the basis for pillows and ottomans in addition to being unique and exciting fabrics in and of themselves.

Salvo's love of textiles and design developed into Sleeping Partners, a company that has been selling textile products and home furnishings for almost 18 years. Juditha's aesthetic and extensive experience in styling and design led to Spotted Zebra, a gift services company for the film and corporate world.

Combining their product development and design strengths has brought us this unparalleled collection of unique, artisanal pieces created through their studio.

By appointment.
P: (212) 254-1515

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